Fortran Course コースについて

Communication course

1 Survival Japanese 10 hours Daily life expressions.
2 Elemantary Japanese 20 hours Practical conversation skills and daily life expresions
3 Basic Japanese 1 40hours Social conversation skills and grammar notiontion.
4 Basic Japanese 50hours Practical social conversation skills andbasic grammar
5 Pre-intermedaite japanese 100hours General conversation and pre-intermediate grammar
6 Intermediate japanese 100hours Practical general conversation skills and intermediate grammar
7 Advanced Japanese Applied conversational ability



Writing Japanese

1 E-mail 5 hours Learning how to write -email letter
2 Essay 10 hours Developing expressive ability through writing essays
3 Business letter Learning how to write a business letter


Reading Japanese

1 80 Survival kanji 4 hours Daily life kanji
2 300 basic kanji 1 20 hours Master basic kanji for short period
3 500 basic kanji 2 20 hours


Business Course

A  Standard Business Japanese  100 hours Master business Japanese fromA to Z
B  Specialized Business Japanese Select your necessary expressions
1  At office (daily activity with collegues) Greetings, compliments, cheering interviewing and so on
2  Telephone Making a call, answering a call, leaving a message and so on
3  Explaining Your job, your company, your product and so on
4  Instructions Instructing procedure , usage and so on
5  Permission Seeking permisson, denying, offering to do something and so on
6  Appointment Asking appointment ,changing refusing and so on
7  Requesting Making a request, accepting a request, refusing and so on
8  Telling opinions Agreeing, disagreeing and so on
9  Speech 1. how to make an effective speech
2. Practice
10 Presentaion 1. how to make an effective presentation
2. Practice