History /フォートランの誕生

Fortran was established in September 1988 by a team of language specialist who had been working in the Japanese   language department of a large language school in Tokyo for more than ten years. Their aim in establishing Fortran was to concentrate on Japanese language training in the special areas of business and technology


Our Philosophy
Fortran teaches Japanese based on the following three principles:


Feasibility and Efficiency
By using time efficiently, Fortran teaches practical Japanese wherever is most convenient for the student, at the school, in the office, or the laboratory.


Motivation and Intelligence
By creating personalized learning programs for each individual student or group of students geared to the individual needs and using the cognitive method. Fortran allows the student to advance at a speed which is appropriate to each student’s motivation and intelligence.


Confidence and Adventure
By showing how, even with a limited basic knowledge, it is possible to communicate in a foreign language, Fortran instills confidence in the students, so that they will look upon all language exchanges as an adventure.

Fortran’s Approach/ 教え方は

Our approach is both fast and effective because we:
teach you exactly what you need to know in specific situations, social and business situations you will face in the real world so you can use the language from the beginning of your program.
provide explanations in English so you spend more time using the language.
focus on how and why Japanese is used in specific situations providing essential insights in to the cultural logic which is paramount to learning the language.


An Integrated training system


Individualized Goal  tri Comprehensive Test  tri Specialized Progra
Assessment Exact Placement General
Target your Specific Goals Interview written & Oral test  Industrial-related Programming
Fortran’s Client/ 今までのビジネス研修について

Our history


1989 We started at Aoyama and opened the school  at Takinogawa.


1989~2001 We had 24 weeks Intensive training at Takinogawa school for scientists and engineers from Europe for young French business people


2000 ~2013 We moved to Hiroo.

We focused on Japanese training for business people ,diplomats and their families.

We started culture training ( International cooking lesson)

Survival Japanese training for embassy staff in Tokyo ( We have already taught people from 50 Embassys)